How Black Box Car Insurance Could Save You Thousands Especially As A First Time Motorist

Are you a first time motorist? Black box car insurance can save you thousands every year.

The benefits of black box car insurance for first time drivers are numerous.

Motorists that take out a black box or telematics policy can benefit from savings only if they drive safely.

Old time drivers can also benefit from saving but it is first-time motorists that stand to save the most by taking one of these policies out.

In the past, there has been some scepticism about black boxes tracking your driving and many believe that the information saved will be used against you.

However, black boxes come with many advantages too. A fraudulent insurance claim worth £6000 has been prevented using data from a telematics black box device.

The incident was raised with Coverbox, who provided the policy, when the female motorist notified them of a minor, low-speed collision between her Renault Clio and a third party vehicle, with limited damage sustained by both vehicles.

The owner of Clio was shocked when the owner of the other vehicle made a claim against her for personal injury and whiplash, which if successful would have amounted to a whopping £6,000.

The black box data which can provide detailed information on everything from acceleration and braking, to location and g-force was then consulted to see if this was possible.

The policyholder’s insurer disputed this personal injury claim, refusing to accept that the third-party driver’s injuries could have been caused by such a low speed, low impact incident.

When the data from the black box was reviewed it was confirmed that those claiming whiplash were not telling the truth.

It showed that the incident occurred at less than five miles per hour, making serious injury and whiplash impossible.

The data saved the driver £6,000. False whiplash claims cost are estimated to add £90 to the average annual motor insurance premium

Martyne Miller, Associate Director of Coverbox said, “Fraudulent personal injury claims are responsible for a significant chunk of the cost of motor insurance for UK drivers, and it’s vital that motorists and insurers are able to protect themselves against false claims.

“In this instance, the data from the policyholder’s black box was able to successfully refute a substantial claim, saving both the motorist and the insurer money, whilst reducing the cost of personal injury claims for all drivers on our roads.”

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