5 Necessary Tips To Saving Money On Your Car Insurance

Everyone wants to save money on renewing a car insurance. We all expect to be rewarded for a safe and accident free driving all year round.

When approaching a new insurance company for a quote, there are some techniques you can utilize to lower your yearly premiums. Below are a few of such techniques.

Consider installing a black box insurance technology

Black Box Car Insurance could save you thousands. This technology rewards drivers for safe driving. They also monitor and keep accurate records of the vehicle’s speed, acceleration and braking, as well as the times of day that it is driven, and offer scores based on the driver’s performance.

Unfortunately, many drivers perceive black box insurance as a disadvantage. But evidently, it’s advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. You will be rewarded for adhering to speed limits and avoiding harsh braking and acceleration. A high score on your black box can mean quarterly or yearly reductions in your premium. However, unsafe driving can increase your yearly costs.

Do all you can to secure your car

Do you have a garage that’s filled with clutter? Make the most of your garage by ensuring your car is safely stowed away overnight. Additionally, why not consider purchasing a car alarm or other security devices to ensure your vehicle is the safest it possibly can be from theft or burglary? Adequate security on your vehicle can reduce your car insurance by up to 5%.

Minimize your mileage

In the eyes of insurers, the less time you spend on the road, the better. This is because, the less time you’re in the proximity of other cars, the less chance you have of getting involved in a crash or other accident.

Keeping track and providing accurate vehicle mileage can show potential car insurers that your car use is low-risk, which may result in a smaller insurance premium when you renew the following year.

Make sure you make the most of these tips for reducing your yearly car insurance. When speaking to insurance providers regarding renewals, it’s important that you are honest about your driving situation and provide only the most accurate information possible.

Increase your voluntary excess

Increasing the voluntary excess on your car insurance is a great way of reducing your yearly premiums. Your excess is the amount of money you volunteer to pay towards a claim in the event of a road incident or any other issue. Hence, you can show that you’re a safe and reliable driver – and, if the accident isn’t your fault, you can claim back your costs.

Take your time to shop

If you’re hoping to extend your car insurance, take your time to shop around. Carefully weigh all the options. Never simply take the first option available. Go for the best deal, after factoring in as many variables as possible. Check all the ‘scenarios’ that are likely to lower your insurance and seal them all up.

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