5 Necessary Tips To Saving Money On Your Car Insurance

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Car insurance: How to save money when you renew your policy

21 Dec , 2018

When renewing your car insurance, we understand that you’re always looking to save money year upon year and expect to be rewarded for safe and problem-free driving. When approaching new insurance companies for quotes, there are various methods that you should consider in attempts to lower your yearly premiums. Here are some of the best techniques…

Increase your voluntary excess
Increasing the voluntary excess on your car insurance is a great way of reducing your yearly premiums. Your excess is the amount of money you volunteer to pay towards a claim in the event of a road incident or any other issue. Hence, you can show that you’re a safe and reliable driver – and, if the accident isn’t your fault, you can claim back your costs.

Always shop around
If you’re looking to extend your car insurance, it’s a good idea to shop around and find the best deal for you. Never simply take the first offer t..