Top 10 Online Businesses That Pay A Fortune

Global business has become so vast that almost everyone can only be so sure about what they are doing. The world is such a large market in that, even if everyone decides to be a business person, we’ll still have a huge market to sell to. But did you know that 56 per cent of the world population is active on the internet?

The Internet makes doing business a lot easier for us. Rather than make us go for things we need, the internet brings the things we need to our doorstep. Needless to mention the numerous things one can effortlessly do on the Internet because they are far too many.

Day to day necessities such as health care, food, shopping, conversations, information exchanges and real estates can be efficiently managed on the internet.

Most people limit their use of the Internet to the aforementioned items or a little more, but the Internet is a hub of infinite resources, opportunities and wealth.
The internet economy fueled by innovation and technology has evolved so rapidly over the years.

As of April 2019, 56.1% of the world’s population was estimated to have internet access and 81% of the developed world. That is to say that no less than 4.3 billion people currently use the internet. whoops! You wish you had known this earlier, don’t you? But take a chill pill, we aren’t there yet. Global internet access is projected to double up to 7.5 billion in the next ten years. Imagine sitting down in the comfort of your bedroom and offering a service to 7.5 billion people. Isn’t that fascinating?

With such a huge market base, it is nearly useless to not be able to make at least 100 dollars daily on the Internet.

But often, our minds seem perturbed with questions like;

How can one make so much money on the internet?

The Internet is fraudulent, why should I deal online?

Is it even possible to earn from the Internet?

Wait! Are you talking about Yahoo (slang for Internet fraud) dealing?

None of the above situations come close to what we are about understanding here.


As we all know, the Internet is a large community which brings people far and wide, closer than they can ever be. In a few seconds, you can drop your photo, information or any digital accessory anywhere in the world without moving a muscle.

You take good photos and share online, you share vital information on the Internet, you share your ideas, events, incidents, send warnings, ask for help and support, you give support to nations suffering a natural disaster, you exhibit your talent online. With all these one can say you live a good part of your life online.

What you’ve failed to understand while doing all this is that people pay heavily for the things you offer for free. Perhaps you have a business you run every day and later go back home to your Internet only to chat or ease the stress, but there are a lot of things you can do online to help grow your business.

The main reason you should consider the Internet are:

1. You need the money
2. You need to move with the trend and the Internet is the trend
3. You have shared too many free stuff already, how about you make some money out of it too.
4. It is simpler and faster (it doesn’t make it easier).
5. It is cheaper for you.
6. Requires low start-ups.
7. You can work part-time from home.
8. No employee needed unless you decide to employ people.


There are 1 million ways if not more than you can use the Internet to facilitate your business. I can assure you if I’m able to give you five ways then you are sure to be able to have a square of that on your own. With the Internet, you have endless innovations and possibilities.

Ways to use the internet to benefit and grow your business

There are many ways you can draw the world to your business through the internet, but first, consider these two:

1. Put up the aim, mission and vision of your business

If you are able to establish this point for your business, then you are closer than you ever imagined. What brings people to buy from you among other qualities is a proper description of who you are, what you do and how you are able to deliver a product or service.

what you’ve said about what you do. Read that again.

With the Internet, you don’t have to ring a bell to let people know about the product you sell or service you offer, people will easily locate you through the description of your business. It’s no theory, it’s a fact.

2. Create customers’ service and maintain client/customer relationship.

It’s quite simple creating customer relation on the Internet, you don’t need eye contact, proper dressing and packaging, smell nice and charisma to make it work. All you need is what you already have, the Internet and good words put together with a little emotional intelligence and being yourself. You can even attend to two (2) to three (3) clients simultaneously online with no issues.

You can tell interested customers more about your services, products and help solve issues they may have encountered while trying to use your products or services, this one right here, goes a long way.

Importance of internet to your business

1. Power to reach people with no cost

Whatever you place on the Internet is clearly seen by nearly anyone who seeks similar information. The Internet is an avenue where you can reach so many people just by posting what they are interested in. Millions of people roam the Internet on a minute basis just to get a product or information about something of interest, if what you have listed on the Internet matches the people’s interest, they will come to you with no energy expended.

2. Access to millions of persons while sitting at home.

With your laptop or smartphone connected to the Internet, you’ll hold a webinar, sell products, organize self-developmental pieces of training, teach your skills and deliver all sorts of services to just about anyone in the world.

4. Be seen by anyone:

Do you want to be popular or seen by anyone? the Internet is your best bet.
People will locate you through what you do, sell or exhibit online. All you need is bring quality along when doing anything you do.

5. You save more

With the internet, you won’t have a need for paid advertisement, flyers and posters which usually cost more. The internet saves you the stress, time and money spent on putting all these together. You can then channel your resources to good use by expanding or improving your business or service.

Businesses you can start on the internet with little to no capital

This is what we have been waiting for, so without wasting much time let’s look into the businesses you can start right away on the internet. Please note that you need at least a Laptop or smartphone and access to the internet before any of these can be actualized.

Drop Shipping

You can make goods available through direct delivery from the producers or manufacturers to the retailer or final consumer without even touching or seeing the goods and the consumer.

Online School/Training

You can organize any form of training whether business, personal developmental or whichever skill you possess on the internet and make good money out of them.

Mini Importation

You don’t need to have millions before getting involved in importation. It is very much possible to import goods as little as you can afford using the power of the internet.

Professional Blogging

Some people blog for fun and some other reasons but here you can make a fortune if you decide to make blogging your profession. You can live out your passion though sharing of entertainment news, developmental information, lifestyle and a whole lot more depending on the niche of your expertise.

Internet Marketing

Get paid for every marketing effort you make on the internet. It could be an advertisement of any sort, creation of awareness about a product or service.

Become a Youtuber

This could make you some good money. You can share unique videos on youtube, try to find what your audience loves and make a suitable video, that’s it. You can also teach a skill you know or help people solve a problem, crash courses and/or tutorials.

Affiliate Marketing

This marketing is performance based. You get rewarded a certain percentage for any product or good sold through your marketing effort.

Sales Digital Information

Sales of digital information such as tricks in the form of eBooks or designs can fetch you much money on the internet.

Build Apps

If you are a programmer or know how to build apps for mobile phones or iPhones, you can upload to app stores where people pay to download and use your apps.

Buying and selling of Domains

Buying and selling domains fetch a lot of money if you know how it works. Buy a domain for a relatively low amount with premium qualities and resale for a higher amount then keep the difference.

Own an eCommerce store

Do you have products for sale or you sell products for people and make your money out of it? This is for you, you can create a store online where everyone gets to see what he or she wishes to buy from your store, the rest is a story.


Freelancing has lifted many people from poverty, do you have a skill but don’t know where and how to use it for money? Get on-board and do just about anything for people who need the service and get paid for your services. There is nearly nothing that is not available in freelancing.

Get paid for what you write. Are you a good writer but don’t earn from your skill? You can get a reward for being a good writer on the internet too.

Online Researcher

Most people or organizations do not have time to conduct researches themselves so the engage people who are willing to do the research for them and pay them afterwards, if you are a good researcher, this right here is for you.

Photographer (Sell Photos)

You can sell your good photographs on the internet if your the quality you offer meets the demand on the internet.

Sell videos

Tutorial videos, coaching videos, lots more can be sold on the internet. Just be sure you solve your clients’ problems and you are in business.


Podcasting is a great deal. It is kind of easier explaining things to a person over voice than putting them in writing. Do you have what to say and those needed sounds?

Become a Social Media Consultant

Come on board.

We have discussed these few and there are many more and much more are untapped yet, look around you and find that thing- product, service or knowledge you can market online and kick-start your own brand. The internet is taking over every little and mighty thing, don’t be left behind.

There is no doubt about making money on the internet so long as you are persistent, consistent and unique. The process is simple but it may not be as easy as you think though it gets easier when you master the art. It is not a get rich quick system but you can make wealth when you decide to become the boss of your own passion.

Statistics has it that a good percentage of not less than 30% of businesses gained a threefold increase in sales when they brought their business on the internet. More than 20% of internet users today have been able to change what they originally saw as fun as a source of income. You are not an exception.

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