The Best Freelance Jobs & How To Earn Top Dollars Freelancing

There are increasing numbers of freelancers in the US. More than 57 million Americans are now self-employed, representing more than one third of the US’ total work force. That’s nearly the same with most nations in Europe, Asia and Africa. Trends show that more Americans will be joining the gig in the next few years, according to a 2018 Upwork study.

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Why Freelancing is the best job

Understandably, a growing number of Americans would leave periodic, stable employment and choose independence in the near future. And they would have powerful drivers as to why they opt for freelancing rather than the ‘convenient’ office jobs. It is essential to understand these reasons before learning how to work as freelancer.

Freelancing saves time

Yeah, it does. On average, an American employee spends 4.35 hours a week commuting from home to work place. This cummulates to more than 200 hours annually. Commutes are a common cause of stress among office employees. In large cities with less advanced infrastructure, the stress of getting to and from work daily can lead to a significant drop in productivity. In addition, commutes cost more in gasoline fares or public tranport fees.

The figure is amazing when we calculate the amount of hours that the entire American workforce spends solely on commutes. In reality, the time spent commuting to and from work is a total waste of productive hours. Freelancing allows employees to deal with this huge productivity loss.

Flexible work hours

Since freelancers work independently, they are not bound by any work hours. Therefore you can work whenever and for how how long you want to. As a freelancer, you can offer your services to more than one employer or organisation at a time.

You also have plenty of time for rest and recreation. This leads to a better stress-free, apparently healthy lifestyle. Studies show that self-employed individuals also enjoy better families and that they are generally happier individuals, directly compared to office individuals.

Freelancers can work anywhere

As a freelancer, you can work from home, a bar, a park or even in the comfort of your car. Freelancers, especially those whose jobs are computer and internet dependent can work from just anywhere. A freelancer is not restricted to work only at an employer’s place. And this saves a great deal of time that would have been spent commuting too. Even while on vacation, or on a visit to a foreign nation, you can still work as a freelancer.

Understandably, freelancers whose nature of job requires a physical presence at a place do not enjoy this luxury. However, such people can also offer their services anywhere they decide to move to. They are not bound to rely solely on a single employer or revenue source.

Fast evolving technology

Freelancing and technology are like twin-flames. One can hardly do so well without the other. Advancement in technology have made freelancing a lot easier. Whether you join Uber or Lyft as a freelance cabbie or opt for a high-caliber job, freelancing relies immensely on technology.

For instance, an Amazon Flex program freelance shipping officer can pick operating hours through an app. For others, there are websites that allow freelancers to bid for particular projects that suit their abilities, including Upwork, Fiverr, and Furthermore, freelancers can also take famous projects from different crowd-sourcing websites.

If you are attracted to work as a freelancer by the above features, here is how to earn top dollars working as a freelancer.

Top paying freelance jobs

There are numerous ways to get cash through self-employment. Some are online, others are offline, but still related to the use internet technology. Here, we have unveiled some ways to make money working as a freelancer.

1. Drive with Uber, Lyft, Taxify

Taxy aggregators like Uber, Lyft, Taxify and others require freelance cabies. You can operate with Uber, Lyft or others from anywhere in the USA. These firms work with freelancers who may even work on a part-time basis. This is a great way to make money if you own a car and you are prepared to freelance as a cab driver.

2. Deliver Packages For Companies

Amazon has an awesome delivery program called Amazon Flex. To make money from this freelance job, you will have to register online and download the Amazon Flex app. As a member of Amazon Flex, you will deliver packages on behalf of Amazon to clients. You can also choose your shipping slots for your particular schedule. The program only includes some sections of the United States at the moment.

3. Content Writing

This is my favourite and potentially the biggest freelance profession in the world. A content writer produces articles, and other write-ups for clients, most especially websites and blogs. This is a profession that relies mainly on internet freelance. Because agreements for freelance content writing are only accessible via particular websites. Unless you understand, of course, someone who will offer you several writing tasks that will net you enough income year round.

If you have great writing abilities and are skilled in research, content writing is the best freelancing job for you.

4. Freelance Reporter

Freelancing and journalism are like two peas in a pod. Newspapers, radio and television channels as well as news websites constantly compete for the largest chunk of readers and audiences with one-another. Hence, they are are always looking for great news stories. No media organisation, however large can afford to have full-time reporters at different places throughout the nation or the globe. Therefore, they rely on freelancers. You will need a nose for news, a good camera, a flair for writing and of course a computer with secure internet connection to function efficiently as a freelance journalist.

5. Guest Chef

If you have incredible skills for a particular cuisine, you can start working as a paid guest chef. Freelance chefs are generally contracted by hotels and restaurants for a brief time, to present their customers with a special cuisine.

Excellent guest chefs also receive invites from the wealthy and famous. In global hotel chains, visiting chefs are high in demand, they transverse nations and continents to showcase a special cuisine not known to the locals. A freelancer guest chef is a prestigious job, and with this profession you can make you a lot of cash.

These five freelance jobs are my favorite because they pay well and you do not need to be an expert to start. Certain freelance jobs require some form of unique expertise, of course.

However, if you look around on the Internet, you can discover some high paying freelance jobs that are related to your niche.Whatever work you choose, if you understand some tips and tweaks, you can always make lots of money freelancing.

Tips to earn more money freelancing

With over 57 million Americans on the freelance market, followed by 15 million in India and a large number of highly skilled freelancers around the globe, it’s quite difficult to get a job. Some of these tips and tweaks, however, could assist you make some money working as a freelancer.

Discover yourself

Take some time to figure out what skills you possess. It does not have to be in a specific profession or must be related to your education. Whilst skills and expertise are important, passion for freelancing matters the most. So identify skills in the freelance market that you can offer.

In addition, ensure that you have more than one marketable skill as a freelancer as jobs may not be readily available in a certain field year-round.

Be ubiquitous

There are a number of websites where you can apply for freelance work to make good cash. is the most common No. 2 also ranks very high. Then we got, too. You can also find freelance jobs on, and One excellent way to guarantee that you never run out of freelance jobs is to spread your tentacles online on more than one of these websites. That way, you’ll make sure that you stay up-to-date on freelance jobs that match your set of abilities. As I mentioned previously, there is no shortage of freelance jobs. What is required is to define an opportunity and make a bid on time. This is feasible when you register on more number of websites.

Get References

References from individuals you’ve accomplished freelance tasks works some magic. It increases your trust-rating thereby enhancing your ability to make more money freelancing.

Usually, a new employer will look at your references. And if you have some good references, there’s a high chance that you’ll get that freelance task. In addition, great references also assist you make more money as a freelancer. Your experience with top employers allows you to bid a little higher than other freelancers competing for the same task.

Each time you finish your task, ask your employer to issue a certificate of appreciation that talks a lot about your abilities, project execution methods and deadlines.

Carefully study the Market

Most freelancers don’t know the actual value of a job and thus end up providing services at conspicuously inexpensive rates. And this can be catastrophic if you want to make money by working as a freelancer. Employers may mistakenly think that your skills are not up to their mark and thus, may not consider you for the job. It is therefore very important to understand in advance how much your skills and work are worth. Find the precise hourly rate and on a project or assignment basis.

Don’t ever bid low just to get a deal: it may show desperation and lack of expertise.

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What are you waiting for?

Now that you’ve learned the basics of how to make good money from self-employed freelancing work, here’s some advice. Don’t rely on market circumstances or other variables to start working as a freelancer. You can start right away and keep learning on the job.
As freelancing is becoming popular all over the world, competition will only get warmer. So, if freelancing is a job that catches your fancy, now is the right time to start.

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